Monday, April 5, 2010


A quick update:

still roasting coffee

didn't deliver through the winter

but now winter is over

i am formulating a new delivery plan

i will publish more information on this delivery plan soon

the coffee has been available through the winter at the Empty Bottle farmers market

i may try to get around to some other summer markets also

i will publish more information on this summer market plan soon

currently: i am roasting Miya Vinic from Chiapas Mexico

here is a bit about this coffee:

The Cooperative "Producers’ Union Maya Vinic" is comprised of some 700 coffee farming families located in 36 highland communities in the municipalities of Chenalhó, Pantelhó and Chalchihuitán, in Chiapas, Mexico. Inspired by the traditions of their ancestors, Maya Vinic is organized and operates in keeping with a respect of local culture, language, reverence for the Mother Earth and traditional forms of self-government. Coffee production is nothing new to the farmers of this region. Recruited since the arrival of the plantations in the early 1900s as poorly paid hired hands during the harvest, they learned about production and processing, and the wealth that coffee had made for a fortunate few. Soon, seeds began trickling back to the Highland communities of Chiapas.

this is a really fine tasting coffee with a bright and mildly fruity zing at a medium roast. mmmmm....aaaahhhh.

ta ta for now...

follow the grind

coffee is available by emailing


  1. I have everything to finish your bike, just been insanely busy. I'll surely finish this weekend. Perhaps a basket?